Best Windows laptops from all categories in 2024

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Today we’re gonna take a look at some of the best Windows laptops (specifically thin & light and gaming laptops) in 2024 available in the Indian market.

Well, I am not biased towards any particular company but I think Asus is performing quite well in the laptop market currently. So we are gonna see a lot of Asus laptops up ahead and we will start with;

Thin & light category Best Windows laptops

Asus Zenbook S13 Oled

Claimed to be the slimmest OLED laptop, comes with a 3K resolution screen, the prices start from Rs.99,999 and go upto almost 1.5 lac. Comes with an ultra series processor, and can be stacked upto 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage screen size (13″). You can read more about it on Asus’s official website, this might become your daily driver once you get habitual of it.

Asus Vivobook 14X OLED

If you’re a little tight on budget, this might be the right one for you starting at Rs.65,900 and going upto Rs.114,990 that can be stacked with 16Gb DDR4 RAM, 1TB of storage an intel i9-13900H, a 2.8K OLED screen and a dedicated GPU upto NVIDIA RTX 3050. This can be your little everyday powerhouse, easily portable and extremely powerful and efficient.

Galaxy Book4 Pro (35.56 cm)

If we talk about ecosystems, there’s but one challenger to the Macs and that’s without a doubt Samsung. And the new Galaxy Book series might just be what suits you the Best Windows laptop, a little more expensive than the others its price starts at Rs.131,990 and can go upto Rs.171,990 while stacking it up with an Intel Core Ultra 7 (155H) and 32GB RAM with 1TB storage. It’s more for detail-oriented people working in some color grading field because this screen can provide a very accurate display for that.

Best Windows laptops from all categories in 2024
Best Windows laptops from all categories in 2024

Budget laptops Best Windows laptops

Asus Vivobook 16 (40,000)

It’s one of the Best Windows laptop out there, especially for students it can be stacked upto an i5-13500H, with 16GB DDR4 RAm and a TB of storage. With an immersive 16″ screen you can enjoy any content and do basic editing on this laptop. It’s good for students in the domain of computer science.

    Xiaomi Notebook (40,000-45,000)

    It’s available in two sizes 14″ & 16″, with a 2.5K and 3.2K resolution, respectively. The most attractive thing about this Best Windows laptop is its form factor, it’s made out of aluminum. The all-aluminum chassis is sturdier than most of the Windows laptops out there. This can be stacked upto 15-12th gen processor and 16GB RAM with 512GB of storage. It’s thin and light even after its all-metal body, compact enough for you to carry it almost anywhere.

    Infinix ZERO BOOK ULTRA(76,000-82,000)

    The main reason for considering this one is it is the most affordable i9 out there specifically an i9-12900H, which is a way over-performing processor for daily usage and can be stacked upto 32GB RAM and a TB of storage. This one also comes with a full aluminum body, with a 15.6″ full HD screen. This can be a portable powerhouse for you, your everyday tasks’ mitochondria in the thinnest and lightest form factor possible.

    Gaming category Best Windows laptops

    Asus Strix Scar16

    You can almost stack this one upto any of the latest cpu and gpu updates respective to the time you are buying it. The reasons for this Best Windows laptop to be better than others are its powerful CPU and GPU combinations and cooling system. It delivers an optimized and consistent performance.

    • Maxed Out Specs:
    • CPU: i9 14900H
    • GPU: RTX4090
    • RAM: 64GB
    • Storage: 4TB
    • Resolution: 4K

      MSI Titan GT77

      Considered to be the most powerful laptop ever, this upholds its reputation. And it’s easily upgradeable, it’s heavier than the others and that is one of its biggest drawbacks and is one of the best Windows laptop.
      Maxed Out Specs:
      CPU: i9 14900HX
      GPU: RTX4090
      RAM: 32GB
      Storage: 4TB
      Resolution: 4K

      Some other options for Best Windows laptops:

      • Lenovo Yoga series,
      • Dell XPS series,
      • Acer Swift 3,

      Yeah, I did mention earlier about this being about best Windows laptops specifically but we should consider the effect of Macs in the laptop market, as they provide better consistent performance and a way better battery life than any Windows laptop.

      But the problem with Macs is the limited resources available for it. While Macs may be better than almost any Windows laptop, but they still can’t match the performance level of high-end gaming laptops. The new GPUs in Windows laptops are unmatchable by the graphics units of Macbooks, but again this is limited to only a few best Windows laptops that are way bulkier than the comparative Macs which makes the Macs an even better choice.

      In my opinion, if you are a working professional not willing to play games on your laptop a MacBook might be the best choice. And, if you are looking for the Best Windows laptop, well the guide’s right above.

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