How Tech Giants may Violate your Privacy?

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I know there’s not much evidence about it, but I wanna talk to you all about the invasion of privacy that might be happening. We all have experienced it once or probably more than once, we felt like somebody was listening to all our talks with friends or family, how else would they know?

Today we are here with a very interesting topic which is How Tech Giants may Violate your Privacy. We are going to discuss this in detail and I hope you will find this topic more informative and Interesting. Read it till the end for more clarity.

What are the Algorithms Tech Giants Use to know your privacy?

You talk about an electric toothbrush to your friend and suddenly the next day you get an advertisement about a brand of electric toothbrush, although you have never even searched for one. We have all had this strange feeling at some point in our lives. Today this is not about if it’s true or not, cause there’s probably no way to know. Here we will talk about what might be the reasons or intentions behind this.

How Tech Giants may Violate your Privacy?
How Tech Giants may Violate your Privacy?

Why do Tech Giants need to know your privacy?

One thing everyone will agree on is that this provides them with data about every individual on the planet, so is this just to gather this data or can there be a deeper and more evil motive behind it? Why do they need such detailed data about everyone? What can this be helpful in? One reason that they might affirm is to provide a personalized experience to everyone, but we all know that can’t be completely true, they’re not wasting so much infrastructure just to provide a personalized experience to some guy scrolling memes while doing nothing. The question that arises is what else can they gain from it.

How do Tech Giants Violate your privacy?

We all know that in today’s era data is more precious than gold, it can be used against anyone without even being noticed. So will they use it to blackmail you once they gather enough of it, nah that sounds cheap for them. Most commoners are using the internet without private networks or firewalls, what could these big companies gain from them or rather from us.

There can be many answers to this but what would seem the most probable one is them using it against everyone who ever stands against them. Now this seems a bit tricky, what’s the probability of someone standing against them?

The answer is that it’s not just one man or a single organization it’s this whole matrix, if you dare to stand against them do a rebellion, or try to do anything revolutionary without them having a share in it, they will use this data of yours against you as it’s the safest way that needs no violence and almost no efforts. So until you all decide to step out of the rattrap, they’re fine with whatever you’re doing. You can buy all u want or be a beggar it doesn’t matter to them until you choose to be good old laborers of their will.

These are all just talks and assumptions and can not be proved but one certain thing is the common man’s privacy is being invaded without a single thought, that’s just how the system works we can say. To prevent this there are new physical camera shutters, microphone blockers, etc. But these are being provided by the same big companies that are trying to grab a hold of our info. Should we trust them?

Is this Ethically Right? a bigger question to tech giants.

Maybe they are all just good guys wanting to do nothing bad with our lives, but still are you comfortable in sharing everything with them? Or the bigger question is it ethically right? No answers or arguments can justify this but still, we have to pose such questions from time to time to keep such gatherers in check and aim to protect ourselves over the internet as much as possible.

These organizations work with no legislative boundaries as they know well how to erase digital proofs or a more technical term ‘footprints’. But how long are they gonna function like this? When are they gonna be questioned by the authorities for proof of their transparency?

The solution is for the common men & women to raise their voices together, out in the open, and demand for proper fair investigation of upto what extent these organizations can dig into their users’ lives. If it’s not within an appropriate limit, then raise a legislative demand to change the extent of their authority into personal spaces and conversations and bring it into the specified limits.

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